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Your Expert Family Law Attorney at the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

As your trusted Family Law Attorney in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we at Fiona Worthy Attorney At Law are dedicated to family law matters. Our compassionate team of professionals provides unwavering support and representation when you’re facing family law issues. We specialize in using mediation as a powerful tool to help you explore options that may not be available when leaving the final decision solely to a judge, all within the framework of a binding mediated settlement agreement.

Establishment and/or Modification of Child Support and Custody

Whether you need to establish visitation rights and/or child support after a breakup with your ex-partner or your current custody arrangement post-divorce isn’t working as expected, we’re here to help. Mediation is often a mandatory step before returning to court. We can guide you toward a resolution that suits your needs.


We are here to assist you whether your divorce is amicable, requires mediation to facilitate a mutually agreeable settlement, or is headed for a more contentious path. Our divorce attorneys tailor their approach to your unique circumstances, ensuring your interests are diligently represented with empathy and fairness throughout the entire process.

Enforcement of Prior Orders

Trust us to provide the comprehensive legal services you need when dealing with court order violations in family matters. Whether it’s a case of a non-compliant ex-spouse denying your right to see your child as mandated in a prior order or unpaid child support, we have the expertise to assist you. Our team will ensure a clear filing that outlines the violations, allowing us to present a strong case in front of the judge.

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